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What name should I give to my company and my brand ?
This let me think a lot.

From the beginning to set up factory ,step by step,I suffer a lot for difficults, troubles and always fell pain,depression and sadly and unhappy.

At last I overcome all this and begin to enjoy the happiness during the jouney.

In the process I noticed a fairy tale “jade bird”, It tells the story of two woodcutter’s children. They represented the human to search for a jade bird. In the fairy tale, jade bird is a symbol of happiness. Their experience was a symbolic representation of all human suffering in order to get happiness so far.

Through a simple but profound fairy tale, "jade bird" tell people that true happiness belongs to the heart, to love and to given. It will only be found by your heart and love.

"Jade bird" let us find out, that true happiness is all rounding us, but we did not feel it. It stays in bright sunshine, in fresh air, in smiles of people, in circulation time. We can feel it if we feel it with our heart and our love that it is in everywhere.

"Jade bird" let us know, happiness will not be easily won, it needs to be cherished and needs to be special cared…….

In the process I noticed also , In ancient Chinese mythology, jade bird was an intelligent bird which has graceful body form and jade colored body .It was a messenger of the queen of Chinese god for passing happiness.
It is the predecessor of the Phoenix, represents lucky and happiness
Her mission is to help human beings with finding spirit paradise of happiness, immaculate and free

In the process I notice also,that it is very coincidence that I was born in a village the name is “jadebird”,but I never think about what its mean before.

Now I got it,my company name and brand name should be JADEBIRD,and  jadebird will be the passenger of happiness,to transfer love and happiness to the family memebers,relatives,friends,clients is our mission......